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If the dog spends most of its time outside, it should have a place where it rests and shelters from the sun and rain. That is why it is important to build a proper kennel. Creating a dog house is not difficult, but there are a few things to remember. Below we suggest how to create the best kennel for your pet.


Adjust the dimensions well

Dog kennelsthat can be found in stores are usually produced in several standard sizes. So it can happen that none of the models available on the market will be perfectly suited to your dog. The advantage of making a quadruped home yourself is the ability to create a structure in which the animal will feel at ease. Before starting work, make a project in which you take into account all the dimensions of the kennel. Start by measuring the lair where the dog sleeps. If the animal has no bedding, you can measure it when it is huddled while sleeping. To the values ​​obtained, add approx. 20 cm on each side so that the pet can move freely. In this way you will get the length and width of the base. To determine the height of the structure, you need to measure the dog in a sitting position, from the ground to the top of the head, adding a few centimeters.

The entrance must be wide enough for the dog to pass through it freely, also in the winter, when many animals gain extra kilos. However, most heat escapes through the entrance opening, so it cannot be too wide. If you plan to build a kennel with a vestibule, its dimensions should allow the dog to lie down freely. It is good that a bowl with food and water will fit in it, as a result the food will not get wet during rain. The vestibule also provides additional protection against the wind, which reduces heat loss inside the kennel.  

Remember about warming

A dog who stays in the garden sporadically and only in the seasons, when it is warm outside, can sleep in the kennel without additional warming. However, in the period from late autumn to early spring, when the temperature at night and in the morning reaches low values, adequate protection against cold will be necessary. To insulate the entire structure, you can use foamed polystyrene, which is placed between the two walls forming the frame of the kennel. Mineral wool is not suitable for this, because it easily absorbs moisture from soil and air. Every element of building a dog house must be properly insulated, not only the walls, but also the roof and floor. It is worth placing a mat or insulating foil under the material forming the base. Such protection protects against moisture penetrating from the soil.



The materials that you will use to build a quadruped’s cottage should be durable and durable. They must be resistant to adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind and sun. Wooden boards or much cheaper OSB and MFP boards will work well. If you decide to use wood, do not forget to impregnate it. It is also important that the materials forming the structure of the kennel are natural and do not contain toxic substances that threaten the life and health of the animal. It is worth checking to see if they are dusting and causing allergic reactions to your pet, as he will spend most of the day there. The kennel roof can be made of OSB, which is an easy, but not very aesthetic, solution. Another option is the use of bituminous shingle, which insulates against moisture and protects against snow.  


Finishing the inside of the kennel

It is also worth thinking about finishing the inside of the dog kennel. The substrate made of boards or OSB is hard and cold, so you can put several blankets inside. However, the material from which they are made absorbs moisture and it’s hard to keep it clean. If you decide on a special dog bed, make sure that its bottom is made of a material that will not let water and cold out of the soil. Some also suggest that the floor is lined with straw, but this is dangerous for the dog, because floating pollen can lead to conjunctivitis or allergies. It’s best to equip your pet in a quadruped with waterproof mattresses, and a wide range of pet stores will allow you to choose the right couch for your pet.

Door for the winter

The door may seem like an unnecessary element in a dog’s kennel, but in the winter it can be a good solution. When the outside temperatures drop and the blowing wind additionally cools the inside of the dog house, installing the door avoids heat loss. However, they must be comfortable for the animal so that it can easily pass through it. You can buy ready-made versions, most often they are hinged flip flops, similar to those used for cats, or make them at home. However, remember to remove the door for the spring-summer period, because the open entrance will provide free air flow and protect against heating inside the kennel. 



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